the Production

I saved nearly all of my production, a few hours worth. A while back I bought a reel deck off eBay and put it all on CD.

The non-commercials I produced were primarily station ID’s, promos for programming, promos for upcoming shows, and fundraising. Here are just a few examples (crappy lo-fi stereo mp3s).

I had done a few “normal” carts, but my early stuff was primarily parodies of commercials, including caricatures like Saki Samurai, Ivan D. Terrible, Glen Grunt, the Omicrons and my favorite Kacey Emyu and his frog Splotch.

Foreign Exchange promo, Saki Samurai [176KB]
Weekend specialty shows, Kacey Emyu [218KB]
Legal ID recycle, Kacey Emyu [132KB]
Fundraiser promo, Kacey Emyu [208KB]
Fundraiser promo, Glen Grunt [198KB]

During my second season, I had several KCMU DJ’s do ID’s for my program. A few examples:
JC show ID, geiger counter with Keith Anderson [122KB]
JC show ID with Faith Henschel [36KB]
JC show ID with Jon Poneman [36KB]
JC show ID with Ben McMillan [56KB]

About this time Fat Mike was gaining popularity, so I took advantage of the fat slob...
KCMU promo with Fat Mike [144KB]
JC show ID with Fat Mike [108KB]
Pledge reminder with Fat Mike [236KB]

My all-time favorite cart was one I did with Keith Anderson for “Training with Lord Jim,” the hour where trainee DJ’s learned the ropes.
Training with Lord Jim promo with Keith Anderson [372KB]

I was also the engineer for other people’s projects.
Pledge Rap with Neil Sussman [764KB]
Einsturzende Neubauten promo with Mark Williams [310KB]
Radio Freedom promo with Pam Hoerlein [364KB]

I started using my Casio and various toys to produce my own background music. These became known as “casio carts.” Most of them I had other people read.
Concert Calendar promo with Stephanie Barber [358KB]
KCMU Sweatshirt promo [236KB]
Theater Calendar promo with Deborah Blumel [286KB]
Pledge Reminder with Allison Woods [444KB]
I even did one with my Roland synth...
Zoo of Thought promo with Soo Rhomburg and Neil Sussman [360KB]
The really cool thing about these was that since I did so much production I got more airplay than legitimate artists.

Then the Promotions and Production Departments decided it would be more effective to have cooperative efforts, so along came Tim Muck, and we just threw stuff together and laughed...
Agent Orange promo with Tim Muck [120KB]
Summer of Love promo with Tim Muck [660KB]
the Jazz Butcher promo with Tim Muck [594KB]
the Wipers promo with Tim Muck [226KB]
Signal Improvement promo with Tim Muck [528KB]

After this I had given up the Production Department in favor of Arts. In addition to writing cards, I also did a few reviews, like this:
Cornish Arts review [544KB]

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